Depending on the type of bank and its location a whole palette of services is offered to businesses. General banking services are:

  • Safeguarding clients deposits, checking and issuing corporate savings accounts for businesses.

  • Issuing loans to corporate companies and firms.

  • Handling money transactions such as wire transfers and cashiers checks.

  • Handling company incorporation offshore.
All the above listed services generates profits for the banks. Banks make their money by charging fees for their financial services. Interest rates charged to the client when lending money is an additional source of income of all banks. The overdraft fee generates quite some income and in recent years money is made additionally with risk investments.

Most banking services are provided as listed below:
  • Execute transactions via ATM

  • Ability to visit the branch location

  • Order transactions by telephone / fax

  • Internet banking
Offshore Banking service offerings are more tailored to the individual needs of the clients and the above mentionend does by far not cover all the services available, but are just some examples. Offshore banks are able to pass on the tax benefit to their clients delivering therefore a real financial advantage to their offshore banking clients.