Pharmaceutical prescription and OTC drugs and health products are a complex area requiring great knowledge and understanding. Your doctor, pharmacist or other health care professional prescribes drugs and medications for you with a quick scribble on a pad and sends you off to the drugstore. But are you truly certain that he has prescibed the correct medication for your problem? Is the drugs and health products recommended the most cost effective solution?
The internet offers a wonderful fountain of information on pharmaceuticals and pharma and healthcare related products but winding through the maze to find information on a specific drug is tiresome and time consuming.
Try visiting Here you will find information on almost every modern OTC and prescription drug available. Medications are in simple lists that you can easily read and then click on to open a full page of information. There is also a search box that you can type any medications name into and you will be brought to the information you seek. This search will work even if you can’t remember the entire name of the drug or search request. Type in half a dozen letters and the search will bring you to a page of choices.
At pharmaceutical site you will find links to information on the Isoniazid medication Laniazid. Database information for Maloprim (it is old Dapsone medicine used with chloroquine for malaria prevention) can easily be found. You can find Landsen prescription and patient information - popular clonazepam anti-depressant tablets; or Lancid - proton pump inhibitor lansoprazole for gastrointestinal usage. There are over 100,000 medications listed in the database. Use this fabulous online resource to protect your health.