Fabio Capellos decision to strip John Terry of the teams captaincy will enable England to prepare better for the 2010 Football World Cup . The furore surrounding the Chelsea skippers antics is not over, but the media frenzy has lost some of its edge now Terry has been taken out of the firing line.

Terry can now concentrate on what he does best defending, in case you are wondering and not worry about his place as leader. His best quality as captain was his inspirational committed style of play, which will not change.

Indeed, if his performance against Arsenal is anything to go by, he might even improve, drawing on his famed reserves of courage to try and prove his critics wrong. Terry, unlike Kevin Pietersen, another England skipper removed from office, will have no problem returning to the ranks.

Any subsequent tabloid revelations about Terry will not have the edge of being about the England captain; Terrys column inches will be of as much interest as his team-mates and it should be remembered that many in the England dressing room have had their share of front page as well as back page exposure.

New leader Rio Ferdinand will now be the man under scrutiny and whilst his own questionable choices off the field suggest more embarrassment might occur it must be hoped that he has learned from the mistakes of his defensive colleague.

Capello must work hard to ensure no factions develop, but there is a greater chance that a bond and siege mentality will develop, especially if the injury-troubled and out-of-form Wayne Bridge is absent in June.

The Italian may well keep an eye on the UEFA Europa League Betting odds to see how far Everton progress in the competition as Leighton Baines could well move above Bridge in the pecking order and make things a little easier all round.

There has been too much looking back recently and Capellos brave and correct course of action can allow England to look forward and the Italian should remind them that that future is still bright.

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