Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson(notes) got more than a million votes to be in the All-Star Game this weekend and he’s still not showing up in Texas for the festivities to bask in the love of fans. It’s looking a lot like the injured guard is going to call it quits pretty soon, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One of his best pals had no idea that he wasn’t going till yesterday. "I’m stunned. Even with things the way they are, I could’ve sworn he’d be in Dallas by now. This doesn’t feel good," the pal said.

Iverson’s three-year-old daughter, Messiah, has some unnamed sickness that is apparently getting worse and Iverson apparently doesn’t want to leave her.

As for his playing career, he’s done decently since returning to the Sixers. He’s averaging 14.7 points and 4.2 assists per game in the 22 he’s played for the team.

So while he’s happy to be back in Philly, the word is that he’s starting to think about hanging up the sneakers for good. Whether it’s soon or at season’s end is anyone’s guess.