Intel and Lenovo release the Classmate

Thinking that netbook up there looks exactly like Intel’s latest Classmate PC with a Lenovo sticker smacked on? Well, you’d be entirely correct. Lenovo and Intel have teamed up to bring out the Classmate+, which is indeed just a rebadged Classmate PC (or Intel Learning Series reference design). The 10.1-inch netbook doesn’t have Intel’s fresh Atom N570 processor, but it has all the other netbook essentials, including an Atom N455 CPU, Windows 7, 1GB of RAM, a 1.3 megapixel camera, WiFi, and three- and six-cell battery options. However, like most of the other Classmate PCs, the Classmate+ won’t be available directly to consumers — they will be sold in bulk to educational institutions or agencies, primarily in the developing world. And the Classmate+ is off to a great start — 158,000 are already set to be deployed this spring in Buenos Aires. See kids, netbooks are far from dead! Hit the break for the full press release / specs and the gallery below for a few more images of the lunch box-like laptop.