Now, this is funny - and very sick, of course:

Geraldine Ferraro, the only woman to run on a major party presidential ticket and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, has accused Barack Obama of conducting a “terribly sexist” campaign. Miss Ferraro, the losing Democratic candidate for vice-president in 1984, said that she might abandon her lifelong party loyalties and vote for the Republican John McCain if Mr Obama is confirmed as the nominee.

Now, I’m very sure misogyny is alive and well in the USA, as it is mostly everywhere else on this fine planet of ours but I think madame Ferraro should be advised not to complain too much about the way Obama has campaigned.

As far as I can remember he has not spread evil rumours about her - as some of those coming from team Clinton. Remember the one about Obama wearing some traditional garb? Yes, that one, which had one of the Clinton people dig up the Muslim thing again. Which Hilary was good enough to - well, not to deny, when she said that “as far as she knew” Obama was a Christian.

Also, I can’t seem to recall Obama suggesting Hillary would not attract enough black votes. Yes, you know: how she, more than once said Obama would never win over enough white working class votes, with the emphasis very much on ‘white.’

Oh yes, one last small thing: Obama also didn’t warn Hillary that it might not be wise to keep in the running because history had proved that candidates who did could be shot like Bobby Kennedy…

So, again, madame Ferraro better not start playing that ‘He was so mean’ game. I know politics is a tough (and I would argue despicable) but they don’t come tougher or more despicable) than team Clinton. Apart from that though, it’s all very well to play the martyr for the feminist cause, saying you’d rather vote for McCain than Obama if the latter would win the nomination but that truly would be a betrayal to all the women who fought the good fight for better laws.