Water Harvesting all the rage in Australia

Water harvesting is just one more way to conserve precious water resources. The process of water harvesting is simple. You simple set up a rain water tank or any number of other types of water tanks, and capture rainwater. The water tank is used for storing the water that you harvest. This is an excellent way to provide supplemental water for city requirements, increase soil moisture levels around your home, whether you need it in a garden or on your lawn, or to wash the dog or your car.
Rainwater harvesting is used widely in many areas of Australia to add to the existing water supply and provide relief during drought seasons.
Water harvesting methods have been used to provide drinking water, domestic water, water for livestock and pets, small irrigation and to replenish the ground water levels. The method of capturing water through a rain water tank has proven to be very successful and is highly recommended as a means of being more cost efficient. Consumer water bills, like most everything else, have risen substantially over the past few years. By harvesting your own water you give yourself the opportunity to add to your current water supply and replace much of your water use with a method that has a zero cost ratio. Adding some rain water tanks will give you more freedom to choose how you use your water in times of water restrictions such as we are experiencing today.